Monday, September 21, 2020

The Democrats are evil

 The Democrats are evil! If they ever take total power they will destroy the country and everybody in it. They are liars, they are thieves, they only care about themselves and power. They are totally unjust! The public must see them for what they are. Pure evil! 

I absolutely believe that they released the virus with the help of the Chinese. We need hearings BEFORE the end of the year calling the Chinese scientist Dr. Li-Meng Yan and her colleges to testify before the Senate. We should also call the frontline doctors and Judy Mikovits to testify under oath also. 

The Republican controlled Senate has avoided doing anything to make the Democrats mad but this is bigger than politics. We have MAJOR corruption in the medical fields and the healthcare system will become a nightmare if the corrupt doctors aren't removed. 

The Democrats are evil. They killed 200,000 people in this country, most of whom were in nursing homes, so they could win the election. They have shut down businesses, stopped people from going to church and even funerals! The level of cruelty is staggering and they have not shown one ounce of remorse. 

Get to the bottom of where the coronavirus came from. It did not happen naturally. That's a lie and any "fact checkers" who are covering for them are accessories to murder and treason!  

I want hearing on the virus and I want the TRUTH to come out!

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