Friday, September 18, 2020

Coronavirus corruption ..... part 1

 Coronavirus corruption ..... part 1

Tennessee health officials overcounted active coronavirus infections by 13,800 cases, inadvertently inflating the size of the outbreak for months. Then they tried to fix it without telling anyone.

Mecklenburg incorrectly told thousands they had COVID-19, blames vendor for ‘glitch’

More than 6,700 people in Mecklenburg County received text messages from the county Health Department on Friday that they had tested positive for COVID-19. And more than 500 people were told the same news via a county email.

But it was a mistake.

It’s not known how many of the thousands who received the messages actually have COVID-19, had tested positive at one point or never had the coronavirus. Regardless, none of them should have gotten such a text or email from the county, because the county does not give people results that way.

In an email Monday, County Manager Dena Diorio told county commissioners that the texts were sent through British Columbia-based HealthSpace Data System.

The county began using software from the Canadian company in late May to help with case investigation and contact tracing efforts — part of a contract worth $157,800 over five years.

Diorio said 6,727 text messages and 541 emails were sent to people who were already in HealthSpace’s system. That means they could have tested positive for COVID-19 once — and likely already recovered — or they are thought to have had close contact with someone who had the novel coronavirus.

The vendor sent a corrected text or email to everyone who had received incorrect information, Diorio said in the email to commissioners. It was not known whether some people got erroneous texts as well as emails.

A resurgence in Michigan’s case numbers caused the state’s Governor, who has been among the most heavy-handed during the pandemic, to place additional restrictions on some counties and regions.  The numbers were being compiled by what the paper describes as an Idaho health system.

After a great many lives and businesses in Michigan were again disrupted, it was discovered the Michigan figures were inflated.  It turns out some Idaho cases got mixed in with Michigan’s research.

Just a couple of weeks ago, a politician from a large state tested positive.  It cost him an event with President Trump.  Later in the day, a second test proved negative.

Another question, are false positives being included among initial numbers reported?  How many false tests are there?  Is mainstream media making distinctions between positive and negative?

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