Saturday, October 24, 2020

The TV set

 People who believe the LIARS on the TV about Hunter's laptop that it a RUSSIAN attack on our democracy just stop voting! In general, people who believe anything the people on TV say are to stupid to vote! The TV is a LIE machine! That's why it's called teLIEvision!!! That's why it's called the BOOB TUBE! And as George Carlin used to say "They don't call it PROGRAMMING for nothing" The people on the TV lie! That's their real job to LIE! They're not there to give you the facts and to let you make up your own mind NO that's not what they're doing! They are "perception managers" they are "shaping" the viewers opinion to get them to beLIEve lies! That's their real job! They should be thrown in JAIL for what they do! NOBODY has done more damage to this country than the assholes on television. The dream factory! I mean go back and look at the mental health of the people before and after TV. The amount of damage they've done is HUGE! They have totally destroyed the people who live here! And they control all the politicians who are afraid of getting attacked by them. If something isn't done about these demonic people who work in the media then we're done! We're DONE! They won't stop until there's a mental hospital on every corner in the country! And that will probably happen during a HARRIS presidency! We had 3 debates and not one of the professional liars asked Biden about his health! He doesn't look well and they've been hiding him as much as possible because they don't want people taking a closer look at her! There are black people in CA raising the alarm about Kamala Harris and they are getting NO media coverage! What they're saying is when she was AG she kept black people in jail longer than their sentences so they could make products for the state! Kamala Harris is a slave owner! She acts like a slave owner! Her ancestors were slave owners! I think this is why they picked her to ENSLAVE the country! WELL taxpayers are not going to do this anymore! People are already making plans to leave the country, revoke their citizenship and free themselves from these 'progressive' monsters forever! And it isn't just about money it's about culture too! Which is even worse! 

So we are NOT putting up with Kamala Harris as President! We are NOT putting up with a 62% tax rate! We are NOT putting with the green new deal! We are not putting up with censorship! We are not putting up with communist protesters burning down the cities! We are not putting up with "all children are gay classes" in the schools! By the way, the schools are going to be the FIRST thing we tear down and everybody needs to get that through their heads right now! 

So that's the future! We are NOT co-operating with a socialist/globalist agenda! NOT GOING TO DO IT! 

I've told Cindy for years "Do something about your own party" "Do something about corrupt Democrats" BUT NO she just focuses on Trump Trump Trump! We've been running corrupt Republicans out of our party. We're gotten rid of about 80 of them! But the Democrat party has gotten even MORE corrupt than it was 4 years ago! 

HILLARY CLINTON is applying for the job of DEFENSE secretary! That's right the evil traitor witch that was selling uranium to all our ENEMIES wants to be in charge of our bombs! Why don't you just hire SATAN to be head of defense? Unbelievable! WE NOT DOING THIS! 

Hunter Biden's computer IS Hunter Biden's computer! It's not a Russian plot it's his fucking computer! 

The Biden's are completely compromised by CHINA! China the communist country that has 3 million Muslims in re-education/slavelabor camps! CHINA that charges it's citizens with fake crimes so it can sell their organs on the black market! The China the Democrats love so much they passed a bill saying we can't call the virus the Chinese flu even though that's where it came from! 


  1. i hear ya, but there's only one savior...and i can assure you it aint trump!

    1. Well he better hurry up and come back because if these monsters win we're screwed.

  2. Leviticus 26 sums it all up in a single chapter. Its going to get bumpy and his church already knows what's coming. You think the deceived are going to have it good? If the tribulation doesnt start until the persecut and rapture...i dont want to imagine how bad the tribulation will be!