Sunday, February 21, 2021

M17 plane crash of HIV experts 7/17/14 Ukraine ..... Romanovs ... Scientists


About 100 people traveling to a global AIDS conference in Australia were on board the Malaysia Airlines flight that crashed and killed 298 people in eastern Ukraine, reports the Sydney Morning Herald.

The researchers, health workers and activists were on their way to the International AIDS Conference in Melbourne. Among the victims planning to attend was Dutch national Joep Lange, a top AIDS researcher and former International AIDS Society president. Briton Glenn Thomas, a spokesperson for the World Health Organization and a former BBC journalist, was also on flight MH17.

The International AIDS Society expressed sadness over the news that its colleagues were on the Malaysian jetliner.

While the medical field mourns the lives of those killed, experts like Associate Professor Brian Owler, federal president of the Australian Medical Association, also fear that breakthroughs in HIV/AIDS research will now be stalled.

“The amount of knowledge that these people who died on the plane were carrying with them and the experiences they had developed will have a devastating impact on HIV research,” Owler told TIME.

“The amount of time it takes to get to a stage where you can come up with those ideas cannot be replaced in a short amount of time. So it does set back work for a cure and strategic prevention of HIV/AIDS very significantly,” he said.,International%20AIDS%20Conference%20in%20Melbourne.

I found it interesting that the first tweet about the plane crash was at 7:17 on 7/17 

That happened on the anniversary of the execution of the Romanovs. 

They were murdered on 7/17/1918 

That was Tisha B'Av Eve 

Nicholas II abdicated the throne on 3/15 the Ides of March ....The date that Caesar was assassinated then he and his family were held for 70 weeks then shot on Tisha B'Av Eve with 70 bullets. 


They were held for 70 weeks and then shot with 70 bullets.... 

Romans ....Tishabav....70 AD
Romanov...Tishabav eve....70weeks  70 bullets

They held them 70 weeks exactly so everybody would know that the Rothschilds killed them. If they had shot them on Tishabav day it would have been 70 weeks and 1 day. They wanted to make it 70 weeks exactly and they underlined the 70 weeks with the murder taking 70 bullets.

Romans ....Tishabav....70 AD
Romanov...Tishabav eve....70weeks  70 bullets

"House of Romanov" = 70 (Full Reduction)

I don't know if that means anything .........

Tsar means Caesar in Latin

Romans ....Tishabav....70 AD
Romanov...Tishabav eve....70weeks  70 bullets

So what we have here is a Romanov and virus scientists murder connection! lol 

I don't know what to make of it. Should I start looking at the genealogy of scientists? Do we have a secret war going on? 

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