Friday, February 19, 2021

Tore says podcast ..... 2/19/2021

 Fri 19 Feb: Backlash - Pain Delay - Sino Grid - Shadow Docket - Fixed Points - Mask History - FISA Flip 

VERY interesting person! These podcasts can be downloaded to your phone for listening for later! 


  1. Yeah right? Very interesting indeed. I could use help decoding her dialogue, she leaves all kinds of information and although I know that, verbal/linguistic cypher is not something Im talented at. I did notice over that she was going over niobium 2 weeks ago, telling us that we should invest in it. As it happens, a couple days ago, China announces sanctions on the sale of rare earth metals to the U.S. and now niobium is up like 3x. I've already noticed a ton of things she foreshadows, which do occur in the upcoming weeks. Please let me know if you're able to help decode - I believe she literally has the answers to the universe.

    1. Yeah I know I have just started listening to her. She used to work for John Brennan. He was obama's head of CIA. She has good contacts. There's not very much on her out there yet.