Sunday, February 21, 2021

Stephen Colbert's pedo joke on the superbowl 55 show ..... Tom Hanks, Robert Downey Jr


He had Tom Hanks on this show and after that showed Robert Downey Jr with a painting behind him that said FPC ..... 

This is what I posted in the comment section of this video.... 

FPC .... On the painting behind him... I suppose that's a joke Stephen pedo Colbert and Tom pedo Hanks and now Robert pedo Downey Jr thinks is funny? Making a joke about how a major pedophile ring selling children on the Yandex search engine got taken down because of a photo that Tom pedo Hanks posted on his twitter account? A photo that had the letters SRC in it?  For all the newbies here's a segment from the now viral Mouthy Buddah video talking about that... 

"Hanks takes weird pictures of random gloves and shoes that he finds lying around, forlorn and forgotten.
In one picture, scrawled faintly in yellow chalk on the pavement next to a lost glove are the letters "SRC USA".
As he does with everything, Mouthy Buddah popped that sequence of letters into the Russian search engine, Yandex.
He wasn't really expecting anything, especially not another eerie confirmation of allegations that Tom Hanks is a pedophile but indeed, that's what he found.
He says, "The term, 'SRC', which is typically short for 'source' or 'search' appears to act in this case as a kind of algorithmic glue for online predators on Yandex. These images are then collected and shared on Yandex profiles.
"Disturbing amounts of illegal child exploitation imagery are currently being catalogued and shared by predators on Russia's Yandex search engine. Terms like 'SRC USA', 'SRC KIDS', 'SRC BOYS' all surfaced images of children in varying degrees of dress, many with sexually explicit tags and comments"

 Is this the pedophile joke you're talking about Stephen? Is this funny to you? I know your happy because your guy won the election but old Joe pedophile Biden can't save you forever. The pedo investigation goes on and this time it's aimed at YOU! 

To learn more about how a major pedo ring got taken down due to a Tom Hanks photo see "Mouthy Buddah" on bitchute. It's an amazing story you won't be bored I promise you! 

Mouthy Buddah video.... 

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