Monday, January 13, 2020

David Icke #OldWhitePeople

I love David Icke! I don't care what people think about him. His predictions have been right so many times he's practically a prophet. Anyway I'm glad he's going after the "climate change" cult they're completely fake! We are not going to pay air taxes to the Rothschild's which the left needs to get through their thick heads right now. We're past the point of arguing about this stuff. We just aren't going to follow any laws the left passes. Nullification is all they have to look forward to now. MAGA is the real resistance and they know it that's why they co-opted the name. We are NOT going to pay the Rothschilds air tax. That's the bottom line. The climate change HOAX is just about the Rothschild's shaking down the human race and NOTHING else. So liberals can pass all the laws they want but we're STILL not going to comply. Period!

Old White Man Bad - Divide And Rule - David Icke

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