Monday, January 6, 2020

Proof The Rothschilds Purchased Jerusalem The NWO Capital

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Supreme Court Built to Masonic Guidelines?

The Supreme Court building in Jerusalem, notes Chomsky, was built in 1992, with funding that had been offered by the Yad Hanadiv foundation. Many members of the Rothschild family, which owns Yad Hanadiv, were proud members of the Freemasons, she says.

A person taking part in the tour of the Supreme Court ascends inside a pyramid which peaks on the roof of the court building. There is a hole in the tip of the pyramid, which represents – according to this explanation, the Eye of Providence.

The tourist climbs thirty steps to reach the top of the building, and ascends from a relatively dark entrance lobby to a well lit top floor with a beautiful view of Jerusalem. Chomsky explains that this can be seen as corresponding to an ascent to enlightenment, in accordance with the mason's beliefs. The number 30 represents the first thirty levels a Mason can achieve in his life, out of a total of 33. The last three levels might be located in the library, which is divided into three floors. The first floor is for lawyers, the second for active judges, and the third for retired judges only.

Jerusalem Purchased By Rothschilds In 1829

NILES' WEEKLY REGISTER, Baltimore, MD November 28, 1829. This 16 page newspaper has interesting news of the day throughout. A lot of the news in this newspaper is government related. Featured in this issue is a report that the Rothschilds has purchased Jerusalem. Octavo-size in nice condition except for little staining.  See scanned document:

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