Thursday, March 19, 2020

Democrats and the Chinese worked together on coronavirus

It looks like the Democrats and the Chinese swamp conspired to spread a virus that would wreck the economy in a plot to bring down Trump. It looks like that's WHY they had their impeachment HOAX show in December. To distract from the Chinese releasing and then spreading the virus. It looks like coronavirus and impeachment are connected. Who's going to investigate this theory? Who's going to accuse Pelosi of helping the Communist Chinese sabotage the Trump presidency by destroying the world economy? Who's going to get this ball rolling? If the Democrats hadn't been impeaching Trump in December than the coronavirus wouldn't have been able to do the damage it did to the stock market! If people would have noticed it and the Chinese communists wouldn't have been able to lie so easily. But they didn't notice it because of the impeachment hoax!  Did the Democrats help the Chinese release a deadly virus? Who's going to get this meme going? If they are guilty there's going to be evidence somewhere? Don't wait for the authorities to investigate let's do it ourselves. Who's connected to the Chinese government in Hollywood? How many Chinese government intelligence agents live in LA? What are the names of their cutout companies? Let's get this ball rolling!!!

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