Saturday, March 14, 2020

Market selloff Monday 2/24/2020 #224 #2020

2/24/2020 Stock market recap Monday: Global markets lose $1.7 trillion, Trump on sell-off, Dow futures bounce

4:26 pm: The final assessment of Monday’s damage

Dow closed down -3.56% for its worst day since Fe 8, 2018 when the Dow lost -4.15%
YTD: Dow is down -2.02% YTD
Sectors: 11 out of 11 sectors were negative today led by Energy down -4.73% for its worst day since Aug 24, 2015 when Energy lost -5.18%
Energy closed 23.76% below its April 23rd 52-wk high of 507.26 in bear market levels
The least negative sector today was Utilities down -1.16%
Sectors YTD: 6 out of 11 sectors are positive YTD led by Utilities up 7.06% YTD
The most negative sector YTD is Energy down -15.28% YTD
WTI (APR) settled down -3.65% at 51.43 hitting a low today of 50.45 its lowest level since Feb 12th when WTI traded as low as 49.95
YTD: WTI is down -15.77% YTD
WTI is 22.78% below its 52-wk high of 66.60 from April 23rd in bear market levels
Gold (APR) settled up 1.69% at 1,676.6, hitting a high today of 1,681.7 its highest level since Jan 23, 2013 when gold traded as high as 1,694.8 and its 8th straight positive day
YTD: Gold is up 10.08%
US 2-year note yielding 1.2557% vs. Friday’s close of 1.321%, hitting a low today of 1.243% its lowest level since May 18, 2017 when the 2-yr yielded as low as 1.225%
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