Wednesday, March 11, 2020

What does Decoding Satan look like?

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  1. Always good to put a face with a name. The other woman must be your sister. Thanks for all your posts Joan! I like the odd ones too like the Malabar Spinach one. I grew that for the first time last year. I'm just worried I'll end up with an infestation of Malabar popping up everywhere this year, lol.

    1. Thankyou so much Wendy. I always love hearing from you. Can't wait to try the Malabar. Since the world is burning down it's time to go back to basics and grow some food. lol

    2. I agree, it's always good to put a face with a name!

    3. Thanks Joan! Very true, people should be ashamed of losing the practice of growing food. I'm lucky to have a rural property where there is ample room to grow food. We also have hens, which are really easy to take care of as long as you can keep them safe from predators. In the summer we raise broiler chickens, 2 batches of about 35 each time. My adult kids help us with the day of their execution and with eating them, lol. I wasn't raised in the country but moved out of the city around 25 years ago. As long as you don't mind some physical work, it's pretty easy. If I didn't garden in the summer I wouldn't be in shape. It's also cheaper and more fun than a gym.

    4. I'll also let you know if I have rogue spinach everywhere this year, lol. It was a really pretty plant too. I bought the purple variety. This year I want to grow it again because last year I made the mistake of planting the spinach up a fence then I planted a marijuana plant in front of the spinach. Well, the marijuana plant became enormous and I couldn't get to the spinach without damaging the marijuana, lol. Such is life! Live and learn.

    5. Okay I look forward to hearing about your farm!