Tuesday, October 4, 2016

NFL's 'Monday Night Football' Keeps Dropping In Ratings #BoycottNFL #Gematria

OCT 4, 2016 @ 02:01 PM

There’s no denying that the numerous #BoycottNFL online campaigns and fan outrage aimed at the National Anthem protests in the NFL have taken a toll in terms of viewership. Additionally, cord-cutting continues to eat into traditional TV’s ratings at an alarming rate. But could there be something else at play?

Yes there is he's called Zachary K Hubbard (God bless him)

Here's his Gematria youtube channel

Here's his blog


Given the politicized controversies and the variety of streaming options this year, have we reached a cumulative point of football fatigue? The numbers suggest so.

Last night’s Monday Night Football matchup between the Minnesota Vikings and New York Giants drew a 9.1 overnight rating, an 8% drop from last year’s comparable Week 4 game between the Detroit Lions and Seattle Seahawks. The New England Patriots and Kansas City Chiefs game in 2014 earned a 9.6 rating.


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