Monday, April 10, 2017

Cassini dates. 4/4.4/22 4/26 9/15

Cassini's death spiral will officially begin on April 22, 2017. That's when it will, for the last time, fly by Titan: an icy moon of Saturn that's bigger than our own, has a thick atmosphere, seas of liquid methane, and even rain.

Titan's gravity will slingshot Cassini over Saturn, above the planet's atmosphere, and — on April 26 — through a narrow void between the planet and the innermost edge of its rings.

Hours before it takes its final plunge on September 15, 2017, Cassini will beam back its last batch of images — then prepare for the end.

During a press conference held by the US space agency on April 4, researchers explained why they're killing off their cherished spacecraft with what they call the "Grand Finale."

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Cassini 29 reduction, 74 ordinal, 115 reverse ordinal, 100 FB, 444 sumerian, 44 jewish reduced,
319 satanic, 84 ALW, 132 KFW, 61 LCH, 230 primes,

Cassini spacecraft 222 ALW

Cassini-Huygens 225 FB, 1038 sumerian,

Cassini probe 58 reduction, 77 reverse red, 130 ordinal, 44 septenary, 550 satanic, 174 alw,

Titan 19 reduced, 64 ordinal, 64 FB, 61 jewish ordinal, 21 sept, 239 satanic, 47 LCH, 210 primes

Cassini mission 64 reduction

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