Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Streets in Damascus named after dates and "Kim Il Sung" 47 417 56 529

7 April, 17 April, 6 May, 29 May Bay of Pigs Order prediction Cicada 3301 


So, in the very heart of Damascus / Syria, there's a Street called "Kim Il Sung". Obviously being the grandfather of North Korea's current tubby tyrant. 

Right next to that street is another street called "May 6th" 

Next then a street leading from that called "April 17th". 

May 6th in Syria is "Martyrs' Day". This day "is a Syrian and Lebanese national holiday commemorating the Syrian and Lebanese nationalists executed in Damascus and Beirut on May 6". 

April 17th in Syria is "Evacuation Day". This day is "also called Independence Day, is Syria's national day commemorating the evacuation of the last French soldier and Syria's proclamation of full independence and the end of the French mandate of Syria on 17 April 1946". 

Now, I know all of theses streets are simply named after events / a leader. But all three are directly next to each other, in the very heart of Damascus. A place we are focusing on right now and being told to focus on. North Korea being a place we are also being told to focus on. Is this just a coincidence? It just seems like there's more here to me, almost some kind of breadcrumb path. 

Also, though not related directly to the description of the events that the streets were named after. We have: 

Kim il Sung 
April 17th: "Evacuation day". 
May 6th: "Execution". 

The April 17th date is very close to the birthday of Kim iL Sung which is April 15th, this Saturday. But the "April 17th" street name and the "Kim il Sung" are in no way related officially as we have seen above. 

Here's an image of the street, just a tiny bit south of central Damascus. 

As I said above, I know this is just a random stretch but I just thought y'all may find it interesting and if there was something to it I know we could all work together to go down that rabbit hole. It really does have a Dan Brown, hidden Code vibe to it eh? The media wants us to look at Damascus and North Korea. We then look at Damascus and see Kim il Sun, making us look at North Korea, and then there's two date's eerily close to now right there next to it.

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