Friday, April 28, 2017

Twelve Antifa in court today for felony arraignments

Each of these people are appearing in DC Superior Court today for a felony arraignment on nine counts:
Two counts each of felony rioting, five counts each of destruction of property $1000 or more, conspiracy, and assault on a police officer.
Olivia Alsip – 23, Chicago, IL
Mally Espaillat – 25, Chapell Hill, NC
Anthony Felice – 25, Wilmington, NC
Carlo, Piantini – 25, New York, NY
James M Hoopes – 30, Falls Church, VA
Gabriel W Mielke – 20, Washington DC
Spencer Kaaz – 21, Memphis, TN
These people face ten charges each. Everything above plus a sixth count of destruction of property $1000 or more
Jashua Barnak – 29, Wilmington, NC
Kimberly Cain – 24, Jacksonville, NC
These people face eight charges each. They are not facing the assault on a police officer charge:
Soan E Steffon – 24, IL
Colton Richardson – 26, Savanah, GA
This person faces 12 charges. Everything above plus three counts of assault on a police officer while armed:
Dane A Powell – 30, Largo, FL

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