Tuesday, October 23, 2018

My thoughts on WW1, WW2 and Germany's role...

This bothers me. With what we know now about the 2 world wars serving to create the nation of Israel, what was Germany's role? Germany would have had to have been picked as a "sacrifice country" to get this done.

If the sole purpose of the 2 world wars was to create Israel than the target was Turkey NOT Germany. And the German leaders would have to have agreed BEFORE hand to play the role they did. I mean their role was to start the conflicts and then drag Turkey into them. 

Before WW1 Palestine was in the Ottoman Empire. Because the Ottomans sided with Germany they lost the territory and it became a British protectorate.  Then WW2 came and the same thing happened. Turkey sided with Germany and the state of Israel was created.

Germany was the bait they used to drag Turkey into the wars. German elites volunteered their people as a sacrifice to Israel.

I worry that the same thing is about to happen to us.

The Clinton/Bush conspiracy. The Clinton's gave China ICM technology so they could steer their nukes then gave them all our jobs to build them up. Then sold 25% of our uranium to Russia to make sure they had plenty of nukes. I wonder sometimes if the cabal's plan is to get us destroyed in a nuclear war which we've been picked to LOSE!

They did it to Germany maybe they're doing the same exact thing to us?

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  1. In the case of China and Russia this has been going since the beginning of the Cold War at least. We are making these Nations superpowers on purpose unfortunately. They could be the two big nations that will start WW3.