Saturday, June 15, 2019

California needs to fall into the ocean! Senate Bill 145 the NAMBLA bill...

If you think NAMBLA went away think again. They still working hard to bring the country "man boy love" this time in the form of "fairness" to LGBT youth.

Senator Wiener Introduces Legislation to End Discrimination Against LGBT People Regarding Sex Offender Registration

Sponsored by Equality California and the Los Angeles County District Attorney, SB 145 puts a stop to LGBT young people going on the sex offender registry, when similarly situated young straight people do not.

January 22, 2019

SB 145 was officially introduced on Jan 18 and will be set for a hearing in the coming months

As far as numbers go it's interesting that they announced it on the very same day the abortion bill passed in NY and they turned the World Trade Tower pink. And it was submitted on 1/18 by a state senator from San Francisco being interesting as 8/11 is the suspected date of a golden gate bridge attack.

"North American Man/Boy Love Association" = 122 (Chaldean)
"San Francisco" = 122 (English Ordinal)
37° 47′ 0″ N, 122° 25′ 0″ W
"Pederasty" = 33 (Chaldean)

I going to say something really strange. It looks like to me they are delibertly setting cities that they intend to destroy up for condemation from God.

I didn't come up with this idea myself but it came from Jonathan Cahn. I thought he was crazy when I first heard it but after I looked at the numbers I started to change my mind.

It's like San Francisco is delibertly getting turned into Sodom and Gomorrah so they can get it destroyed by God or make it look like it's getting destroyed by God? They're doing the same thing with NYC. With the WTC getting destroyed and now they light the one world tower pink celebrating child sacrifice.

It's getting really wierd... It's like they're encouraging sin so they will get certain cities punished by God. People who swear they don't believe in God are tempting his creation to do evil to bring on his wrath. It's like they're trying to get God to destroy his own creation. Totally creepy.

"Sodom and Gomorrah" = 180 (English Ordinal)
"golden gate" = 180 (Reverse Ordinal)
"august eleventh" = 180 (English Ordinal)

Sodom and Gomorrah
"סדום ועמורה" = 50 (Hebrew Reduction)
Date Golden gate bridge opened
"י״ז בְּסִיוָן תרצ״ז" = 50 (Hebrew Reduction)
"San Francisco" = 50 (Full Reduction)

And a San Francisco state senator submitted a bill reducing the punishments for man having sex with teenage boys. Basically a NAMBLA bill. It was posted on the same day the abortion bill in NY passed 1/22= 122. And it was submitted on 1/18= 118

The senators name is....
Scott Wiener (born May 11, 1970)[1] is an American politician and a member of the California State Senate. A Democrat, he represents the 11th Senate District, encompassing San Francisco.

"Senator Scott Wiener" = 81 (Full Reduction)
"Sodom and Gomorrah" = 81 (Full Reduction)
"Golden Gate Bridge" = 81 (Full Reduction)

"North American Man/Boy Love Association" = 122 (Chaldean)
"San Francisco" = 122 (English Ordinal)
37° 47′ 0″ N, 122° 25′ 0″ W
"Pederasty" = 33 (Chaldean)

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