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King Davids birthday 6/9/2019 #Shavuot #MountSinai

After sunset today it's officially Shavout the "6th of Sivan" the day God gave Moses and the Jewish people the Torah in 1313 bce. It's also King David's birth/death day.

Shavuot begins at sundown on Sat, 08 June 2019.

Shavuot / שבועות
The festival of Shavuot (or Shavuos, in Ashkenazi usage; Shabhuʿoth in Classical and Mizrahi Hebrew Hebrew: שבועות, lit. "Weeks") is a Jewish holiday that occurs on the sixth day of the Hebrew month of Sivan (late May or early June). Shavuot commemorates the anniversary of the day God gave the Torah to the entire Israelite nation assembled at Mount Sinai, although the association between the giving of the Torah (Matan Torah) and Shavuot is not explicit in the Biblical text. The holiday is one of the Shalosh Regalim, the three Biblical pilgrimage festivals. It marks the conclusion of the Counting of the Omer.

6 Sivan 2448 - 1313 B.C.E.:

The Torah was given to the Jews on Har / Mt. Sinai.

Seven weeks after the Exodus from Egypt, Hashem revealed Himself on Har Sinai. The entire people of Israel (600,000 heads of households and their families), as well as the souls of ALL future generations of Jews, heard Hashem declare the first two of the Aseret HaDibrot / Ten Commandments and witnessed Hashem's communication of the other eight through Moshe Rabbeinu. Following the revelation, Moshe ascended the mountain for 40 days, to receive the remainder of the Torah from Hashem.

The name of this holiday, Shavuot, means "weeks," in recognition of the weeks of anticipation leading up to the Sinai experience. The Torah's ideas of monotheism, justice and peace have changed mankind forever. Today we celebrate Shavuot by staying up the entire night learning Torah -- eager to receive it anew.

6 Sivan Shavuot:

Birthday (907 BCE) & Yahrtzeit (837 BCE) of Dovid Hamelech (King David) (ca. 907-837 BCE).(Talmud Shabbat 30a, Yerushalmi, Chagiga 2:3)
David, a humble shepherd, was a descendent of Yehudah / Judah the son of Yaakov / Jacob as well as of Rus / Ruth, a Moabite convert to Judaism. He became the second king of Israel, when he was anointed King of Israel by Shmuel HaNavi / the Prophet Samuel in 878 BCE.
As a youngster, he courageously battled the Philistine giant Golyat / Goliath, killing him with a slingshot. David was famous as a warrior, scholar and psalmist. He fought many wars, defeating Israel's enemies and securing and expanding its borders. He reigned for 40 years, during which he conquered Yerushalayim, and made it the Jewish capital. He purchased the Temple Mount, the future site of the Beit HaMikdash / Holy Temple from its Yebusite owner, and made preparations for the Beit HaMikdash's construction (which was built by his son, Shlomo HaMelech / King Solomon). David served as the head of the Sanhedrin and was the foremost Torah authority of his generation. He is also the "sweet singer of Israel" who composed Sefer Tehillim / the Book of Psalms that for 28 centuries has embodied the joys, sorrows and yearnings of the Jewish people. King David passed away on the 6th of Sivan of the year 837 BCE, at age 70.
David was promised an eternal dynasty of Jewish kingship. All future legitimate kings of Israel were David's descendents, as will be Moshiach (the messiah), who will "restore the kingdom of David to its glory of old." He was succeeded by his son Shlomo / Solomon. His life story is recorded in the Book of Shmuel / Samuel.

Other things happened on this day including the Pulse Nightclub shooting

My decoding on King David birthday

600,000 Souls, 600,000 Letters
The word "Israel" can be read as an acronym for "Yesh Shishim Ribo Otiot LaTorah", meaning: "There are six hundred thousand letters in the Torah". Therefore, Israel did not leave Egypt until there were six hundred thousand of them, in order for each soul to be "supported" by one letter in the Torah, as we have written in a number of places.

From Pulse nightclub shooting to 6/9/2019
From and including: Sunday, June 12, 2016
To, but not including Sunday, June 9, 2019
156 weeks

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