Friday, July 24, 2020

China Admits Using COVID-19 To Take Down Trump

The video below is propaganda made on Official Chinese Media. It actually admits that China utilized the coronavirus to help take down President Trump and other populist world leaders.

When the Wuhan virus broke out in late December, there were researchers that pointed at the source being the Wuhan Virology Lab, where similar viruses were being researched and tested.

At first, those suggesting such a connection were scoffed at. After all, Chinese state media had pointed to the virus being naturally occurring and sourced it as starting from the wet market in Wuhan. The corporate controlled media in the West parroted that line.

Months later, most have accepted the logic that the Wuhan Virology Lab had something to do with the initial outbreak of the virus.

The Chinese Communist Party (CCP) has increasingly had problems with more nationalistic leaders such as Trump, Johnson, and Bolsonero. These three and others have recognized China’s growing threat to Western dominance, especially if left unchecked.

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