Sunday, July 19, 2020

Pandemic Insights From A Top Virologist, Dr. Judy Mikovitz, Ph.D - The REAL Pandemic Story | Richard Sacks 7/20

Pandemic Insights From A Top Virologist, Dr. Judy Mikovitz, Ph.D - The REAL Pandemic Story

If the world were in a healthy, normal condition, you could ask any real health scientist their view of the fake pandemic, and they would tell you their clear perception of what it is, the hoaxes behind it and how it's operating to deceive us into enslaving and harming ourselves. But most scientists today have been successfully cult-programmed into repeating acceptable information and dismissing anything in agreement as nonsense. Rarely, we run into a real scientist with high-level credentials and experience, all combined with character, integrity and a desire to actually help humanity.

That powerful combination is a major threat to the corrupt power structure currently acting out their plan to enslave and destroy life on our planet. I mean all the life on our planet, humans and all the other life forms whose existence makes ours possible.

One such real scientist is Dr. Judy Mikovitz, Ph.D, author of the books "Plague", "Plague of Corruption" and "The Case Against Masks", all available on Amazon, or via her site, We are fortunate to have Dr. Mikovitz joining us this Sunday for an in-depth discussion on what's going on behind the pandemic propaganda, and essential issues like masks, virus transmission, case and death numbers, and vaccines currently in development that our government and medical industry hope to make mandatory. This is a show you'll want to watch and share everywhere quickly so it can't be blocked, and more people can know the truth of this massive crime in progress.

America and the world are under coordinated attack. Instead of uniformed troops invading our planet, the seemingly unlikely allies arrayed against humanity are the "health" authorities and the paid rioters, supposedly fighting for racial justice. The fact that many of these deluded terrorists actually believe that is their cause is a testament to the decades-old plan of our "educational" system, to dumb down both our young people and those who indoctrinate them in school and via the media, to the point where they would enthusiastically run into the arms of Communist tyrants who see them as prey.

The global rulers are excited to realize that we are now such a fearful and unintelligent society that a "health" crisis is all it takes to convince us to gladly give up our unalienable rights in exchange for promises to protect us from an invisible enemy we don't understand. A real enemy (other than our rulers themselves of course) is not even necessary. All that's needed is fake numbers and impressive medical authority figures telling us to give up our rights, sacrifice our businesses and stay away from each other, to get us to hide in our homes, wear devices to voluntarily obstruct our own breathing, and wait for orders from our new unelected medical dictators on the details of the next restrictions to add to our lives.

Fear has always been the favorite weapon of royalty, government officials and religious tyrants, at least for the last many thousands of years. We have been carefully trained that taking care of our own health is totally beyond our ability to even comprehend. Instead of learning lifestyle details that create vibrant health and naturally strong immunity, we've learned that diseases happen by bad luck, bad genetics, and because of being too old, so we have to cower in fear, waiting and hoping for a deadly vaccine that will save us. We who are fortunate to have broken free of the brainwashing need to serve as examples to others, so they realize they can wake up from the dream too, and act from a position of knowledge and strength.

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