Saturday, July 11, 2020

What has happened....

What has happened? Hillary Clinton lost an election fair and square and she didn't accept the results! Never has this happened before in our history. Hillary created "the resistance" and they have been waging war against a legitimate President for 3 years. This is treason, this is sedition, this is a communist insurgency! This is very serious and quite frankly nobody wants to hear what the brats have to say! You can't violently overturn an election just because you lost but this is what the Democrats are doing and they intend to do it again if they lose in November. This is terrorism! We can't do anything about the economy when we have open borders and globalism! If we raise the minimum wage the corporations move out of the country or use H1B visas to bring slave labor into the country!. Trump got the workers' wages raised for the first time in decades and it didn't matter a bit. These leftists are power hungry monsters and they don't want any problems solved. They think they're taking over the country by force and they don't care about morals, ethics, truth, laws, reason or justice! They care about NOTHING but themselves. This is a spiritual crisis and to call this new generation anything but evil misses the point completely! They're using black people as an excuse to destroy this country in an act of war! Economic inequality is just another excuse because the protesters are protecting the two things that cause it which is globalism and immigration. So they're LYING! We can't let generation evil destroy the country so we're going to war with them! We have no choice! There will be no mercy given to the young after what they've done! And this is not just an American problem they're going to try and pull this crap in Israel too! They're going to demand "right of return" for millions of Palestinians and that will make Jews a minority in their own country instantly. This is a matter of survival now. The organizers of these leftwing movements want to kill us! That's what they're saying and we have to take them at their word. If these movements and the people leading them aren't completely crushed then none of us will survive! It's time to join the counter revolution! 

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  1. hate to break it to you, NONE OF US WILL SURVIVE this. Not even them. Living in Christ is the only way to heaven!