Thursday, July 23, 2020

Temple Talk Radio: Time to Focus On & Build The Holy Temple 7/21/2020 #Richman

Temple Talk Radio with Rabbi Richman who's 120 years old according to Google. But they've stop putting how old he is on his wikipedia page probably because of decoders like me making fun of it. BUT luckily I have a screenshot of it from last year when he was 119 years old and posted it on my blog! Thank God for screenshots! Also Rabbi Richman's shows used to always be 46:12 but he's changed the time so he explains that. I was interested on why he picked 46:12 because it looks like 9:11 on the clock so I'll decode his new time too.

Anyway here he is... Amazingly healthy Rabbi Richman.. Talking about the third temple...

Temple Talk Radio: Time to Focus On & Build The Holy Temple

The Message of the Month of Av: Our Potential for Good

The Book of Deuteronomy: Moshe Uncut, Unchained & Unparalleled

As Tammuz turns into Av our focus on the Holy Temple deepens. But what are we focusing on? Getting through another 9 days of "mourning," folding up our chairs and returning to our day to day? Or are we focusing on the need to rebuild the Holy Temple and bring life and color and joy back to the intensity that G-d intended? You think wearing an anti-Corona mask makes it hard to breathe? Try living life without the Holy Temple!


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