Sunday, February 19, 2017

Hollywood’s Clueless Bolsheviks

Americans are used to seeing civil unrest, political violence, mass demonstrations and chaotic revolutions in faraway lands on our television screens. Often engineered to serve the interests of financial oligarchs, these color revolutions follow a fairly predictable format. It’s one that’s been applied now for at least a century, and key to carrying it out is the use of propaganda and the stirring up of mobs against a government targeted for regime change.
To our dismay, we are now seeing this very same pattern occur here in the homeland. Americans are being bombarded with propaganda against the president by the mainstream media and Hollywood celebrities, while shadowy forces work behind the scenes to orchestrate events.
Awards ceremonies now have become venues for political speeches and mass mobilization against the president. At the Screen Actors Guild Awards liberals were encouraged to punch those who disagree with them in the face. At the Golden Globes last month, Meryl Streep attacked President Trump as a privileged white male who picks on disabled people, claiming that the Hollywood elite belong to the ‘most vilified segment in American society’.
This is risible, and is such a ludicrous statement it could only be believed by someone thoroughly soaked in the cult of Western Marxist identity politics. You don’t get to claim special victim status when you’re worth 75 million, Meryl.

This article is right on the money.

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