Sunday, February 26, 2017

Trumpocalypse: Liberal Ivory Tower of Academia collapsing

Universities in America have typically been dominated by a liberal
bias.  Why is that?  Because, working for a University is sort of
like working for the Government.  There is reason for the expression,
those who can't do - teach.  Grow a 2nd brain - understand why by reading THIS BOOK. 
The mindset of employees at such insitutions is quite different
than one might think.  We're not going to name any names in this essay; this
isn't about a person or individual University.  It's about the
intellectual class, really the only public intellectual class in America with
any respect; the Ivory Tower.  If you haven't heard this expression
before, it refers to the high brow raised lip attitude class of University
Professors and their associates.  They have influence on every aspect of
society.  They are like Adam Smith's hidden hand - the subtle advisors who
are secretly directing politics, big business, technology, and culture.
 Fortunately however, they don't have any power, and don't really control
society, like the Illuminati do.  Their influence however should be noted;
they've influenced Presidents of the United States, Bankers, the Media (most
notably) and literally every aspect of human life in America.  I mean, who
doesn't trust and respect a University Professor?  They know what they're
doing - right?
Now to be fair, not all University Professors are alike, we shant
'profile' them, as they profile individuals who have ideas they don't like.
 There's do-ers out there, especially around Silicon Valley where many
have left their Ivory Tower positions to join startups or start them
themselves.  But the Ivory Tower class remains; and it remained until the
Trump victory in November - a major influence on society and hallmark of
American culture.  But all that's been shattered.  Their hidden
influence on the media, should be noted by readers of Zero Hedge and other
sites, people 'in the know'.  Because they shape public opinion, possibly
more than the CIA with all of it's domestic mind-control operations.
 Venues like "NPR" and even "The Simpsons" are
carefully crafted with leftist messages, agendas for open expansion of foreign
affairs, expansion of government, anti-male value systems, and other
'progressive' ideas are implanted like seeds, waiting to grow like weeds when
the next rain comes.  
Here's one example, how Academia helped the Media with their war
against Trump.  Have you been hearing recently "Studies show
that.." .. "Obamacare is more popular after the election"
 or some such nonsense.  Who are they polling?  They claim their
polls aren't biased, they are scientific.  But these are the polls and methods that had
Trump losing by a landslide!


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