Thursday, July 26, 2018

#Freemasonry 080 the masonic emblems

. [As far as I am aware this document is in the Public Domain, if you know otherwise, please contact me at Colin J…] There are 10 Pages – 4,070 words The Masonic Emblems From Whitby's Ritual of Freemasonry Freemasonry is the most ancient and honourable Order in existence, as every character, figure, and emblem depicted on its Tracing Boards serve to inculcate the practice of piety and virtue: and the industrious student of its mysteries cannot fail to draw from them food for moral reflection and enable him to remove the rubbish of ignorance and vice which prevent him from beholding that eternal foundation of truth and wisdom upon which he is to erect his spiritual temple. As Masonry does not admit any person on account of his rank or opulence, the candidate should divest his mind of all selfish and worldly considerations, and lay aside the trinkets and trappings of the outward world, and for a time become poor and penniless, as in this state he is better able to appreciate that virtue which ought to be the distinguishing characteristic of every Freemason - Charity. THE HOODWINK The candidate for Freemasonry is prepared to close his eyes on the past and think of the dark mysterious future. This blindness is emblematical of man entering into this world helpless, ignorant, and blind: also youth groping in mental darkness for intellectual light. It will also remind him that as he was received into Masonry in a state of darkness, so also should he keep those of the outside world in darkness as regards our secrets. THE LEFT BREAST is made bare to symbolise his sincerity of purpose and purity of mind, as also to reveal his sex. THE RIGHT ARM is made bare in token of his unreserved confidence. THE LEFT KNEE is made bare in token of his humility to bend before the Author of his being. THE SLIP SHOE is emblematical of his fidelity, as he was prepared to slip the shoe from off his foot.

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