Friday, July 13, 2018

#TheresaMay gives Donald #Trump family tree showing Scottish roots 7/13/2018 #888 #13

Theresa May has given Donald Trump an illustrated chart of his Scottish ancestry, tracing his roots on the isle of Lewis in the Hebrides back to 1776 - the year of the US Declaration of Independence.

The US President's mother, Anne MacLeod, was born in the village of Tong in 1912, and emigrated to the United States in 1930 where she met and married Fred Trump.

"The family line goes back on the paternal side to the birth of President Trump’s great, great, great grandfather, Kenneth Macleod, born near Stornoway in 1776 – the year of the US declaration of independence."

The family tree is set against a background of the 19th Century official ordnance survey map of the area, and also depicts scenes of Stornoway from later that century.

It carries the crest of the Macleod clan and the Macleod tartan. President Trump is the first US president for over 100 years with a parent born in the UK.

"Stornoway" = 42 (Full Reduction)
58° 12′ 32.4″ N, 6° 23′ 13.2″ W

"Hebrides" = 223 (English Extended)
"Hebrides" = 146 (Reverse Ordinal)
"Hebrides" = 47 (Reverse Full Reduction)
"Hebrides" = 2207 (Reverse Extended)

Stornoway is the main settlement of the Western Isles and the capital of Lewis and Harris in Scotland.

The town's population is around 8,000, making it by far the largest town in the Hebrides, as well as the second largest island town in Scotland. The traditional civil parish of Stornoway, which includes various nearby villages, has a combined population of just over 10,000

Stornoway is an important port and the major town and administrative centre of the Outer Hebrides. It is home to Comhairle nan Eilean Siar (the Western Isles Council) and a variety of educational, sporting and media establishments. Observance of the Christian Sabbath (Sunday) has long been an aspect of the island's culture.

"Macleod" = 26 (Full Reduction)
"Macleod" = 53 (English Ordinal)
"Macleod" = 143 (English Extended)

"Macleod clan" = 38 (Full Reduction)
"Macleod clan" = 61 (Reverse Full Reduction)
"Macleod clan" = 227 (English Extended)
"Macleod clan" = 33 (Jewish Reduction)
"Macleod clan" = 83 (English Ordinal)
"Macleod clan" = 214 (Reverse Ordinal)
"Macleod clan" = 177 (Jewish)
"Macleod clan" = 511 (Trigonal)

Scottish Clans: The story behind Clan MacLeod

The surname MacLeod (pronounced mc-loud) (Scottish Gaelic: MacLeòid) means son of Leod. The name Leod is an Anglicization of the Scottish Gaelic name Leòd, which is thought to have been derived from the Old Norse name Ljótr, meaning ugly. The Clan MacLeod of Lewis claims its descent from Leod, whom according to MacLeod tradition was a younger son of Olaf the Black, King of Mann (r.1229–1237). However, articles have been published in the Clan MacLeod magazine which suggest an alternate genealogy for Leod, one in which he was not son of Olaf, but a 3rd cousin (some removed) from Magnus the last King of Mann. In these alternate genealogies, using the genealogy of Christina MacLeod, great granddaughter of Leod, who married Hector Reaganach (McLean/McLaine) these articles suggest that the relationship to the Kings of Mann was through a female line, that of Helga of the beautiful hair. The dating of Christina’s genealogy and the ability to line it up with known historical facts lend a great deal of authenticity to the claims of the authors.

"Olaf the Black" = 42 (Full Reduction)
"Stornoway" = 42 (Full Reduction)
"Mann" = 42 (English Ordinal)
"Olaf the Black" = 148 (Francis Bacon)

"Olaf the Black King of Mann" = 200 (English Ordinal)

"Olaf the Black" = 516 (Satanic)
"King of Mann" = 516 (Reverse Satanic)

"Kings of Mann" = 323 (Jewish)

"Olaf" = 34 (English Ordinal)
"Olaf" = 74 (Reverse Ordinal)
"Olaf" = 444 (Reverse English Sumerian)
"Olaf" = 16 (Full Reduction)
"Olaf" = 20 (Reverse Full Reduction)
"Olaf" = 174 (Satanic)
"Olaf" = 214 (Reverse Satanic)
"Olaf" = 77 (Jewish)

"Olaf King of Mann" = 138 (English Ordinal)
"Olaf King of Mann" = 66 (Full Reduction)
"Olaf King of Mann" = 69 (Reverse Full Reduction)
"Olaf King of Mann" = 58 (Jewish Reduction)

"Olaf King of Mann" = 402 (Primes)

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