Sunday, September 29, 2019

ADL protects Jewish antifa

People don't realize that antifa thugs are mostly Jewish. About 60% according to investigators that have been collecting their names.

The brazenly liberal Anti-Defamation League, which works with Big Tech companies to remove “hate” from social media, has declared that images that are against the left wing Antifa mobs are now “hate symbols.”

The ADL’s “Hate on Display(tm) Hate Symbols Database,” states that “white supremacists” use imagery “directed against antifa (short for anti-fascist),” which the ADL innocuously describes as a “the loosely-organized left-wing and anarchist anti-racist movement.”

So ADL has a clear double standard: left wing groups can behave with extreme prejudice towards those they wish to scapegoat, but right wing groups are not allowed to critique them in return. The ADL wrote in that same entry that “a significant portion” of white supremacist hatred “is directed against the political left, including both the mainstream and far left.”

The ADL fails to mention the popularization of the leftists’ memes such as “punch nazis” which often translates to “punch people who I have deemed as having unacceptable opinions.”

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