Tuesday, September 24, 2019

You ruined my childhood.... #Greta

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  1. That Greta is something else alright. I'm pretty sure she went to "The David Hogg School for Acting". I was hoping people would see her horrible acting and realize it must be a lie, lol. Nope, I guess if they will believe Hogg, they'll believe anything.
    I just noticed myself that tomorrow September 29th is a special date. It's the 269th day of the year, 9/26 or 26/9, and leaves 96 days in the year. There is some very interesting date numerology too, I'm smelling some kind of ritual. When I looked up this date in history I saw that on September 26, 1960, Fidel Castro had the longest United Nations speech in history, 4 hours 29 minutes. Yep that's 269 minutes, lol.