Wednesday, October 13, 2021

Graphene oxide

 Breaking news: Graphene oxide (the nano substance in numerous C19 frankenshots) can’t be detoxed or removed from the body.Because it wraps around the nervous system and it can also slice through your DNA.It is magnetic and hemoglobin is iron based,this is what is  causing blood clots.The 4th abundant element is carbon (hexagon),the 4th letter in Greek Alphabet is Delta (triangle).There is also luminousity involved in Graphene Oxide in the cell(turns forescent green).Graphene is bio-compatible.Graphene nanotechnology can be reprogrammed (5g).The nature of Graphene requires is to be exposed to electro magnetic field to actually work it’s magic.”They” are getting ready.WEF internet of Bodies.The Borg Bee Hive Mind.The Cloud.

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