Friday, October 29, 2021

Trump vaccine presidential order PO 9/19/2019 WHO World Bank

 The globalists produced a report on 9/19/19 that said,,,,, 

Trump signed a vaccine order on the same day ............

Dr David Martin pointed to this as a co-ordination between Trump and the WHO on the coming pandemic. In this video at 7:02 he points to a paragraph. 

"these platform technologies include DNA, messenger RNA (mRNA), virus_like 5 particles"

The problem is when I read through the PO I don't see the paragraph he's talking about. 

Here's the address of the document notice that it's the DEMOCRATS who wrote it. 

Here's the "world at Risk" report posted on 9/19/2019 same day Trump signs his Presidential Order 13887

Here's Trump's vaccine Presidential Order 

Dr Martin points out a paragraph at 7:02 in the video. But the paragraph isn't from Trump EO it's from Fauci testimony on 12/4/2019. 

This Presidential Order doesn't say what Dr Martin is pointing out in the video, it's coming from the testimony of Fauci in front of the Democrat commerce and energy committee. Here's the link he testified on 12/4/2019 

Fauci says on page 5 

In recognition of these limitations, the President signed the Executive Order on
Modernizing Influenza Vaccines in the United States to Promote National Security and Public
Health on September 19, 2019. Broadly, the Executive Order directs BARDA, CDC, NIH, and
FDA to accelerate the adoption of improved influenza vaccine technologies. In alignment with
the goals of the Executive Order, NIAID is conducting and supporting research to develop stateof-the-art vaccine platform technologies that could be used to develop universal influenza
vaccines as well as to improve the speed and agility of the influenza vaccine manufacturing
process. These platform technologies include DNA, messenger RNA (mRNA), virus-like 
particles, vector-based, and self-assembling nanoparticle vaccines.

So what Fauci is doing is telling the Democrats that their research is ALIGNED with the Presidential Order. The Presidential Order doesn't say that all it talks about is quicker vaccine production processes. 

Here's the Presidential Order and it was signed on 9/19/2019 the same day (not the day after) the WHO issued their statement. 

What doesn't look good for Trump is that they both happened on the same day 9/19/19 looking like they were planning the outbreak ahead of time. The virus and the vaccine are Trump's biggest problem but we need more evidence that he was in on it. 

This doesn't look good though ...
"Executive Order 13887" = 201 (English Ordinal)
Event 201 hasn't happened yet... That happens in 29 days


  1. Great work Joan! 29 days??

    1. No it was 29 days from 9/19/19 to event 21 that was in 10/18/19

  2. Exactly! Most people probably didnt look up the EO. Nothing in it refers to what Martin said.

  3. Was Martin conflating Fauci's interpretation or justification with the actual content of the executive order? Conversely is this an intentional straw man set up in case any grand jury investigation commences?

    1. Jamie Benzy, are you saying that Martin is the straw man and is setting up a cover for Trump if a grand jury investigation commences? I just want to make sure I am understanding this. Thanks

    2. Read the bottom of p.4 and the top of p.5 of the Testimony. It is related to the EO.

  4. I don't think Martin did that on purpose I just think he got confused that's why I looked it up myself to check. Trump's PO was to "modernize" the vaccine manufacting process. It sounded kind vague to me. Could have meant a lot of things. BUT there were rumors of a Wuhan lab leak on 9/11/19 which I decoded. It's disturbing that Trump signed that PO after that. I wonder if they are connected.

  5. Okay it wasn't a lableak on 9/11. Wuhan deleted their database on 9/12/19 China time... 9/11/19 US time...