Monday, August 8, 2016

Tim Kaine’s Unlikely Biography by Daniel Hopsicker

Posted on July 31, 2016

Tim Kaine isn’t shy about trading on his year in Honduras as a Catholic missionary. It’s a story he’s been telling a long time.

A 21-year old Harvard Law School student spending 1981 in Honduras as a Jesuit volunteer is as absurd as an English tutor parachuting before D-Day into Normandy to teach French children when to use “their” and when to use “they’re.” It doesn’t pass the smell test.

The Tim Kaine Story

Tim Kaine attended an all-boys Jesuit high school, became student government president, joined spring mission drives to fund Jesuit activities in Honduras. He zipped through college in three years and headed to Harvard University Law School. There he heard “a small, still voice” asking him why he was in such a hurry. “Something in me said to take a year off.”

Kaine wrote to some Catholic missionaries asking if he could volunteer for a year to help them. In exchange for meals and a place to sleep, he headed to the second-poorest country in the western hemisphere. He said in a C-Span interview that he needed to “step away from the treadmill” to “decide on my path in life.”

“I taught kids how to be welders and carpenters. I wouldn’t be in public service today had I not had that experience as a young man.”

“I do what I do for spiritual reasons,” Kaine told C-SPAN. “I’m always thinking about the momentary reality but also how it connects with bigger matters of what’s important in life.”

 Why doubts have been raised

While Kaine was in Honduras a whirlwind descended on that little-visited country: a huge American military presence which ballooned overnight— courtesy of the Reagan Administration— determined to turn the tide of leftist revolutionaries in Nicaragua, El Salvador, and Guatemala.

While Kaine taught a handful of students carpentry and welding, United States military aid to Honduras went from $4 million to $282 million in just a few years.

JTFB_logoJoint Task Force Bravo poured bulldozers into Honduras. They rolled off huge military transport planes and roared off into the countryside, helping American military engineers build roads, bridges, bases, airstrips, supply depots, and infrastructure, and turning the country into a staging area for troops entering combat in Nicaragua against the dread Sandinistas.

So far, nothing from Kaine on any of that. He was there, but apparently missed it all.

What we do without Daniel Hopsicker? He a shining jewel in a world full of shit. 


  1. This is GREAT! "REAL, ACTUAL NEWS"!! Thanks for reminding me about Hopsicker too -- somehow he fell off my radar, so I'm going to enjoy "finding" him again. My apologies, but the same happened with your site! I got pressed for time & switched devices ... then somewhere in there I managed to lose track of your site. I'm a little embarrassed about having such a colossal brain fart -- because I really enjoy your work, lol!

    This info about Kaine is incredible. I'd long ago heard that the Jesuits & CIA et al. were one & the same -- this convinces me even more. (And since ALL branches of "Security" now fall under the rubric of "Homeland Security" ... you could say that "The Jesuits & Homeland Security" are One & The Same.)

    How fitting that Hillary would "choose" a VP who ostensibly helped construct the landing sites she & her husband would later use for their drug & arms deals!

    Suddenly it's all so clear ... Reagan basically Built Up The Infrastructure in Central & South America -- so it could be used later to facilitate OUR Corporate Government's illicit Drug & Arms Trade ... all of it 100+% financed by the American taxpaying slaves themselves.

    Now ... WHO would "need" to hide behind the facade of the U.S. Government?
    And WHAT COUNTRY began asserting a VERY publicly dominant role in our government -- PRECISELY when Reagan took office??
    HOLD ON! "They" didn't just suddenly arrive with Reagan. THEY put HIM in office ... So we'd have to look back further ...
    Oh damnit all -- thought I could just go back to Carter ... but I'm already seeing "signs of their presence" as far back as The War Of Union Oppression -- with no end in sight ... So I'll quit this & just spit it out ...

    In the 70's & 80's the ZIONISTS & ISRAEL were looking to stockpile untraceable weaponry & also secure their future role as Arms & Drug Lords ... yet (as always) they wanted to HIDE those facts.
    As it turned out -- "OUR" Central/South Americas debacles provided THEM with the perfect "cloak" to conceal THEIR "Projects"!

    And this same "Method of Operation" still continues to this day. Their MO is actually brilliant in it's "simplicity" ... & it's been successful because THEY Control OUR Media ... leaving US only capable of understanding these things in hindsight -- long past the time to change anything.

    As long as they retain their control over What We Know ... we'll be destined to ALWAYS be "Behind The Times". I suppose that's what frightens them the most about people "waking up" ... when WE seek -- & then find -- our OWN Knowledge (rather than simply WAITING for THEM to Dole It Out) ... then we quickly discover that it's within our nature to Be Curious & to Want To Learn. They've seen how rapidly we respond to Technology -- & to head off a Mass Awakening they've clearly had to speed up the Chaos Agenda -- no doubt hoping that it will stun the masses into "blissful apathy".

    Thanks again for sharing this! ;D:D

    1. Add to your list. Mir has links to lots of gematria resources at her blog.

    2. On that note, check out the "Order of Malta". It is a society that holds national independence. It is itself a sovereign state but without holding any actual territory. It's members, therefore hold diplomatic immunity.

      It's also a Jesuit based organization. Lots of American State Department big wigs and government officials have been members of Malta, Supreme Court Justices also. It helps to "get things done" if you hold diplomatic immunity. The Order of Malta held a yuuge hand in the Regan Administration.

    3. They used to be called the Knights Hospitaller. They were around back in the Templar days as a competing order.
      Then there's the Knights of Malta.. the bushes belong to that,
      Initial Membership List of the Knights of Malta