Thursday, September 27, 2018

Kavanaugh accuser testimony! Christine Blasey Ford .... 9/27/2018

Blasley Ford's "Fear of Flying" is a tribute to the big feminist book ...
"Fear of Flying is a 1973 novel by Erica Jong which became famously controversial for its portrayal of female sexuality and figured in the development of second-wave feminism"

"Fear of Flying" = 70 (Full Reduction)

Erica Jong's birthday 3/26
From and including: Monday, March 26, 2018
To, but not including Thursday, September 27, 2018
Result: 185 days
"Donald John Trump" = 185 (English Ordinal)

I can't find the date the book was published. It was in 1973 the year of Watergate. Lyndon Johnson died that year leaving Richard Nixon the only living President.
1/22/1973 was also Roe v Wade overturning states ban on abortion.  4/4/1973 The World Trade Center complex in New York City is officially dedicated with a ribbon-cutting ceremony. 11/17/1973 Richard Nixon says "I'm not a crook"

11/17/2018 will be the 666th day Trump's been in office.
From and including: Saturday, November 17, 1973
To, but not including Saturday, November 17, 2018
Result 45 years

Fear of Flying in Hebrew
"פחד טיסה" = 41 (Hebrew Reduction)
"פחד טיסה" = 68 (Hebrew Ordinal)
"פחד טיסה" = 176 (Hebrew Gematria)

 Blasey  Hebrew
"בלייזי" = 69 (Hebrew Gematria)

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