Sunday, September 9, 2018

Russia bombs last Syria Rebel stronghold in Idlib Syria 9/9/2018 #WhiteHelmets

The mockingbird media is going to try and trick Americans into believing the Syrian government is gassing their own people again. Syrian channels have been taken down on youtube ahead of the expected false flag operation by the White Helmets who have been responsible for setting up the last two FAKE gas attacks.  As everybody probably remembers the White Helmets released film of children gasping for air in a "gas attack" news report. A UN agency just released a report a month ago which stated there was NO chemicals found when they tested the last two gas attack sites. NO CHEMICALS FOUND! We don't know how the White Helmets made the children gasp for air on camera, but we do know that the WHITE HELMETS were the ones who did it NOT the Syrian government! A photo reminder of who the White Helmets REALLY are and why nobody should believe any thing they say or any images they release! 

And people need to start calling Congress and telling them we don't want ANY White Helmets or Syrian Rebels brought into the USA. Keep those fuckers out of our country! The Syrian Rebels are TERRORISTS who worked with ISIS and the White Helmets liars and frauds! 


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