Friday, May 10, 2019

Hillary Clinton revenge speech 5/8/2019 #58

Hillary Rodham Clinton, former secretary of state, first lady, and 2016 Democratic nominee for president, is coming to Dartmouth on May 8 to speak at this year’s Obenshain Family Great Issues Lecture, an annual event of the John Sloan Dickey Center for International Understanding, and to meet with students of foreign policy. Clinton is visiting campus at the invitation of Jake Sullivan, a former foreign policy adviser in the Obama administration, and Daniel Benjamin, Norman E. McCulloch Jr. Director of the Dickey Center. Sullivan is currently the Magro Family Distinguished Visitor in International Affairs at the Dickey Center and was a Montgomery Fellow during the winter term. Co-sponsored by the Montgomery Fellows Program

Hillary is such a vengeful person! It's been the cause of most of her political problems her whole life. I actually voted for Bill Clinton twice, Obama twice and then I changed parties to vote for Trump. I probably would have stayed a Democrat if they had run somebody else besides her. She's power hungry, greedy, a liar and has an enemies list way bigger than Nixon's. She compares Trump to Nixon but she's more like him than Trump is. Richard Nixon was another politician who had to get even with everybody he got into a fight with. The vengeance destroyed him just like the vengeance is destroying Hillary. What she did to Kathleen Willey for instance. She's had people follow her, make threatening phone calls, they kidnapped her dog, sent a man to walk around inside her house...etc.. Hillary got revenge on all the women Bill had affairs with, which she still hasn't admitted to yet. Anyway she drove millions of people out of the Democrat Party in 2016 and it looks like she's going to do it again in 2020. She just can't stop being a greedy, power hungry, vengeful bitch! The effect she's had on me as a woman is I've pretty much decided to never vote for a female again, in any party, because Hillary has proven that women are going to be sore losers and have tantrums that last for years if they don't win. Look at this whole Russian collusion ridiculousness. She still won't drop it even after the Mueller report didn't go her way. She just can't drop the revenge... Hillary Clinton and her twin Richard Nixon two completely unlikable revenge driven politicians. Maybe they're so much alike because they're both Scorpios! Hillary's even worse than Nixon was though, because unlike her, he at least had the decency to go away!


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