Tuesday, May 28, 2019

Rabbi 148 Victoria street Colombo #NZ


"148 victoria street colombo" = 141 (Reverse Full Reduction)

The address in that video is 148 Victoria street Colombo but Christchurch New Zealand comes up when you google it. Which is even more interesting than Sri Lanka.
It's an high end office building.


WHOA fucking A! Look at this....

Colombo Street is a main road of the city of Christchurch, New Zealand. It runs south-north through the centre of Christchurch with a break at Cathedral Square. As with many other central Christchurch streets, it is named for a colonial Anglican bishopric, Colombo, Sri Lanka in what at the time was known as Ceylon. Parts of the street which run through Sydenham were known as Addison Street during the 1880s, and some parts were known as Colombo Road