Tuesday, May 14, 2019

Mother's day flowers


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    1. Joan, I found a fellow who is very interesting I think you will too. Search "Bryan Kemila" on You Tube and in his video section he only has two videos he did 11 years ago (there's one that is copied in 4 parts but the full length is there too). Anyway the 35 minute video is quite interesting about Atom/Adam, the second video is the Dome of the Rock. That one was very interesting so I checked out his blog which the videos share. He has great info. Start with his older blogs that go back to 2006. You will find them on the right of the blog going down in oldest to newest. I would start with the oldest so you can get a better feeling on where he's coming from. Once you get what he's about you can skip and jump around his posts. His blog is illuminatimatrix.wordpress.com
      Lots of stuff pertaining to California/ West Coast/ 4 Corners stuff with numerology/symbolism/map comparisons. Seeing the "big quake" coming etc. Anyway lots of great stuff, hope you enjoy!

    2. Sounds interesting I will look at it! Thank you Wendy!