Saturday, June 20, 2020

Idiot Mayor of Oakland Libby Schaaf

We haven't heard from the IDIOT Libby Schaaf for awhile. But now that's she's opened her stupid mouth again she does not disappoint! Someone in the "Hysterics Lives Matter" group, who was probably named Karen, saw a rope hanging from a tree. The female Mayor of Oakland decided it was a noose threatening black people. A black man comes forward saying it was his rope he tied in the tree for a swing kids could play on! LIBBY undeterred is STILL investigating it as a hate crime because according to her "intent doesn't matter" Hear that ya'll! Putting a swing rope in a tree is NOW a hate crime according to the deranged females of the left! You know what's a hate crime? Voting for Libby Schaaf is a hate crime. People who voted for her HATE their neighbors and the people of Oakland because only a person who hated their neighbors would vote for an evil witch like this!

"Mayor Libby Schaaf plunged her city into a panic this week when she announced that a series of supposed nooses found hanging from trees in a city park would be investigated as a hate crime. The FBI is investigating the matter now, she told reporters at a somber, deadly serious press conference.

As it turns out, nobody had hung nooses. The ropes, which have been removed by city officials, were put up by a black resident, Victor Sengbe, who said they were part of an exercise swing system that he and his friends assembled for the benefit and enjoyment of park goers.

Amazingly, despite Sengbe’s explanation and video proof and despite how several members of the community who came forward immediately told law enforcement officials that the ropes were just part of a swing system erected months ago, Schaaf maintains the ropes are a hate crime until proven otherwise.

Indeed, rather than back away, shutter the investigation, and admit they accidentally terrorized the people of Oakland by putting the city’s stamp of legitimacy on a false hate crime, Schaaf was defiant and self-righteous, saying intent does not matter in this case.

“Intentions don’t matter when it comes to terrorizing the public,” the mayor said in response to a reporter who noted specifically that a black resident claims responsibility for the swing system. “It is incumbent on all of us to know the actual history of racial violence, of terrorism, that a noose represents and that we as a city must remove these terrorizing symbols from the public view.”

"Mayor Schaaf" = 47 (Full Reduction)
"lynching" = 47 (Full Reduction)

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