Monday, November 16, 2020

Covid numbers 11/16 Dewine


Total USA covid cases 305364 total deaths 5742 percentage of death 1.88 %

You have a 1.88% catch of dying if you get covid in the USA 

Total USA covid cases last 24 hours 7268 total deaths 20 % of death 0.27 %

You have a 0.27% catch of dying from covid in the USA today


  1. Lookie here what i found. Moderna rna messenger 'spike' is 1273. 1273/666 = 1.911411411 OR 19 vax = one 911 Apollyon strand and two 411 strands made in God's image (11-4 = 7 OR 4-11 = -7 or our code in fallen state). Whatcha think?

    1. Have you looked into Smartmatic yet? It's the voting machine scandal. They were incorporated on 4/11/2000 . 211 days before the 2000 election on 11/7 "Smartmatic" = 117 (English Ordinal)
      And 74 weeks before 9/11. I think these Smartmatic guys are high up in the cabal working with corrupt pols on both sides. Very big deal. And check this out. They are in the bio metric field too. Like the stuff Bill gates wants to do. Crazy. Smartmatic was chosen to develop Mexico's new ID card in 2009, with the process involving the biometric registration of over 100 million people.[99] Bolivia also used Smartmatic's biometric capabilities with the registration of 5.2 million people for electoral systems I did a little decode I just posted if you need it.


  2. maybe they are tied to yang enterprises, inc who jeb and gW bush paid to make election hacking software. I commented in past on your page about them fyi.

  3. Oh yeah I forgot about them. Thanks!