Thursday, November 12, 2020

Diebold Bev Harris

 Back when I was a leftist in 2002 I used to post on Democratic Underground and one day this woman showed up on the forum after the 2002 election screaming about voting machines. We thought she was crazy at first but after reading her posts for a couple of days we started taking seriously this amazing story of vote switching inside the voting machines. How did she find this out? Well she was suspious of vote totals in a few states that didn't make any sense so she went to Diebold's website, guessed the administrator password and downloaded 14,000 files. It took her all night she said but she got them. That's when we all found out about "Black Box Voting". Looks like they've done it again and I caution Republicans, especially the walkwiths, that we will probably find out they had help from the GOP establishment. We have a long way to go in rooting out corruption in the GOP but we can do it. One of these parties has to be cleaned out we can't have two corrupt parties. I gave these a name. I call it the uniparty. Corrupt elites in both parties that work together and watch each other's back. This is why, in my opinion, nothing gets done. Stay stubborn and pray! You might want to use the search in Bev Harris' website. It's packed full of information. She did all the different types of voting fraud. Almost everything we need to know is in there. We can do this!!!! 


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