Saturday, November 7, 2020

King Von 116 38 139 224

King Von 

"255 Trinity Ave SW, Atlanta, Georgia 30303" = 139 (Full Reduction)

Co-ordinates of the Monaco Lounge 


Monaco Hookah Lounge

"Monaco Hookah Lounge 255 Trinity Ave SW, Atlanta, Georgia 30303" = 224 (Full Reduction)

224 is the prefix of all US Senate numbers. 

"Monaco Hookah Lounge" = 193 (English Ordinal) 44th prime number

The Monaco Hookah Lounge was on Trinity Avenue 

Dayvon Daquan Bennett, known professionally as King Von, was an American rapper and songwriter from Chicago, Illinois. He was signed to Lil Durk's record label, Only the Family and Empire Distribution.

Born: August 9, 1994, Chicago, IL
Died: November 6, 2020, Atlanta, GA
Full name: Dayvon Daquan Bennett

"King Von" = 38 (Full Reduction)
"murder" = 38 (Reverse Full Reduction)

"255 Trinity Ave SW, Atlanta, Georgia 30303" = 139 (Full Reduction)
"concordia integritas industria" = 139 (Full Reduction)
"by way of deception thou shalt do war" = 139 (Full Reduction)

I think a lot of this 224 code is making death threats to the Senate. I think Trump was taken out by the Rothschilds. I think Zach has been wrong about him the whole time. I think this was a fight between insiders yes but a real fight. I think we just lost freedom forever. 

The good guys lost and now the monsters are in charge. 

I think the murder of this rapper was a veiled threat to the Senators who may think about doing the right thing and defend democracy. 


  1. It's not over yet Joan. The fat lady is yet to sing. Bigger things happening than we know...

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