Friday, November 27, 2020

The Mayflower's arrival | First Thanksgiving w/ Squanto ... Kayla decode talker


"The Admiral was chosen for his great work by our Lord who through his descent was from the blood royal of Jerusalem, yet was content to have his parentage from an obsure source."
Quote from: Ferdinand Columbus son of Christopher Columbus
The first Pope to encode Papal documents in secret ciphers..
Pope Innocent VIII the Pope of the Militant Orders
Genoa-born Giovanni Battista Cybo Innocent VIII
Born 1432 died 1492 age 60
Papacy began 29 August 1484
Papacy ended 25 July 1492
The total number of days between Friday, August 29th, 1484 and Monday, July 25th, 1492 is 2,887 days
"He was the son of a Jew and the nephew of a Muslim"
"Pope Innocent V I I I" = 1189 (Jewish)
"Donald J Trump" = 1189 (Jewish)
Trump has a lot of templar coding... 
Anyway Christopher Columbus was the illegitmate son of Pope Innocent the VIII. His birthname was Giovanni Battista Cybo. After he died the Cybo family married into the d'Este family... 
"After Innocent's VIII's death the Cybo family married into the d'Este family, which in turn leads to a winding trail to Hanover, the House of Orange and eventually to Victoria Welf Este otherwise known as Queen Victoria. Which means the descents of Christopher Columbus are related by blood to Queen Elizabeth!"
Cybo's Coat of Arms included a matrix of black and whites squares.
Marino.. Christopher Columbus the Last Templar
Joseph P Farrell...Thrice Great Hermetica and the Janus Age

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