Friday, March 18, 2016

Commie Inc: Decoding the left.. The Starfish and the Spider

The germatria decoding community is growing. Everyday there are more people getting interested in this art mostly due to Zachary K Hubbard and his brilliant insight into a very important missing piece in the truth movement's research puzzle. Germatria is the art of turning words into numbers.

If you haven't seen his work please go to his youtube channel or his blog. What he's discovered is nothing short of amazing.
Zachary K Hubbard youtube channel
Zachary K Hubbard blog

I think everyone in the truth movement understands the deception we live in. Almost nothing we have ever been told by authorities is true. Which means we have to figure out what is true and the deceivers who run this world make that as hard as possible for us. Which is why germatria is so important.

The globalists are extremely arrogant. They carelessly encode everything their doing into the news, movies, adverstising and basically every single type of media programming there is. They are relentlessly compulsive about this and they're using germatria as a system of communication and messaging.

Even though they're using other forms of twilight language like symbols, numerology, astrology etc..Germatria is the cleanest method to use and it reveals things the others don't.

Which is why we need more germatria  decoders. Since this area was pretty much unknown until last summer. There's a YUGE amount of work to do.

For instance I am trying to cover the left. Who are without a doubt the refection of the right wing secret societies. Decoding socialist groups is like looking at another version of Skull and Bones.

But what I have found out is the left is a lot harder to decode just due to the fact that there's a lot less information.

I use to be on the left's side and one the books they told us to read was "The Starfish and the Spider"
"The Unstoppable Power of Leaderless Organizations"

Starfish and the Spider PDF link

Undoubtably one of the most important books I ever read because this is how they operate. Not as individuals but as shadowy groups with no names. Which is extremely frustrating for me trying to decode them.

For example let's look at the founders of, which I used to belong to.

MoveOn was created by a married couple named Joan Blades and Wes Boyd. I worked on them yesterday and found out that they have no middle names or birth dates.

There's all kinds of personable information on Wikipedia about everybody but when if comes to the left it's "We have no middle names, birth dates or even parents"

Eli Pariser has a birthdate but he doesn't have a middle name either!

Eli Parisner's girlfriend doesn't even have a Wikipedia page even though she's a film directer with a very interesting name germatria.

Decoding MoveOn is not easy for instance the Blades/Boyd family sold a company for 13 million about 10 years ago. They have to be worth 50 million by now but the media doesn't report any of this! Even though they're organizing the biggest protests in this country since 1968.

They're starfish, they have no heads!

I guess to properly decode the left you'd need either a professional service that has access to non public information or tons of time to search for it in hidden places!

Which is why we need more decoders.

What I think I'm looking at on a big scale is a Hegelian dialectic of global networks. They have the right and the left covered. They have churches, charities, non-profits and most importantly they seem to all be connected to the UN and their huge bureaucracy. It's a right hand path, left hand path and it's gigantic.

I mean can you imagine how much work it would take decoding the UN and their international treaties? It would take thousands of people.

So to anyone reading this blog, if my work looks weak on the left wing networks it's because I'm chasing ghosts. And to any new decoders coming in don't forget to look at the left they're getting away with murder.

I first rant!


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