Friday, March 4, 2016

Not even my wife knows': secret Donald Trump voters speak out

We asked Guardian readers who are voting for Trump why they support him. From firm conservatives to fed-up liberals, their answers were revealing.

The Hispanic attorney (29, Florida)
‘He has demonstrated that he is, at heart, a caring person’

The scientist who likes both Bernie and Donald (48, California)
‘I’m very concerned about radical Muslims’

The Occupy protester turned Trump supporter (24, New York)
‘His candidacy is ripping the soul of America apart – we deserve it’

The casino supervisor (56, Oklahoma)
‘We are completely tired of government’

The yoga teacher (29, Tennessee)
‘Don’t publish my name. It would ruin my progressive image’

The retired biomedical engineer (56, Hawaii)
‘It’s too late for a cure’

The gay Arab Muslim student (20, Missouri)
‘My parents are horrified’

The anti-PC college professor (50, California)
‘I’m angry at forced diversity’

The evangelical pastor (51, Tennessee)
‘I’m not electing someone to fight for my soul’

The white male early retiree (62, Delaware)
‘Trump is a wake up call’

The manager (52, South Carolina)
‘People would realize democracy is messy’

The Indian-American attorney who is part of the 1% (50, Illinois)
‘It’s a very economics-driven decision’

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