Tuesday, June 28, 2016

The #EU BANNED crooked cucumbers! #Brexit

We're not putting up with vicious control freaks anymore!

I'm sorry that remain snobs aren't smart enough to understand that people who want to dictate the shape of the food you eat are totally out-of-control and need to be removed from society!

The mainstream media meme that #Brexit voters are stupid and uneducated is ridiculous! It's the remain voters that are stupid! In fact getting "educated" seems to be code for "brainwashing" and screwed out of 20,000 dollars by con artists in the "university" business!

Remember when the Taliban made shopkeepers separate male and female vegetables? We all laughed at that. So what's the difference between the EU and the Taliban's ridiculous vegetable laws? Not much but the "educated" can't see the connection because they're brainwashed morons!

HUGE amount of people want out of the EU because they're unbearable busy bodies who won't leave anyone alone. GET IT THROUGH YOUR HEADS ZOMBIE LEFTISTS!

Arrogance isn't helping your 'together' cause. Everybody hates your guts and that isn't going away no matter how many anti-hate laws you pass! There are other things people can do to get even with you tyrants! Tax revolts, boycotts, everyday general nastiness, sabotage etc etc..

So make sure you take your vitamins bitches cuz you're going to need a lot of energy! This war has just started and there's no end in site!

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