Sunday, November 13, 2016

Another Blockhead Female CEO PepsiCo's Indra Nooyi $PEP

Shorting PEP tomorrow is probably good for some quick cash!

PepsiCo, Inc.
NYSE: PEP - Nov 11, 5:45 PM EST
103.19 USD Price decrease 0.03 (0.03%)

PepsiCo CEO: My Female Employees Are Asking 'Are We Safe?' After Election

When asked about impact of Donald Trump’s surprise presidential victory, PepsiCo chief Indra Nooyi did not mince words. Her daughters and some of her employees are “in mourning” over the election, said the CEO.

“I had to answer a lot of questions, from my daughters, from my employees, they were all in mourning,” said Nooyi, according to a CNBC report. “Our employees are all crying and the question that they are asking, especially those that are not white: ‘Are we safe?’ Women are asking, ‘Are we safe?’ LGBT people are asking, ‘Are we safe?’ I never thought I’d have had to answer those questions.”

According to a PepsiCo spokesperson, the safety questions came up at a meeting Nooyi had with a small group of employees in New York City.


"A small group in NYC" Maybe after she's fired she can become a pollster!

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