Thursday, November 24, 2016

Dishonest media blames Trump for Islamophobic “hate crime that wasn’t”

Earlier this year, I revealed that the woman charged with assault after a Muslim mother was allegedly spat on and had her hijab removed, was a Farsi-speaking immigrant with mental health issues—not a clear-cut portrait of a racist Islamophobe, as coverage of the story by mainstream press made her out to be.

Last week, the case was put on hold after the accused was deemed not mentally fit to stand trial. The case has been turned over to a review board, which will decide when—if ever—she is of sound mind to continue.

At a prior court date, the woman was not in attendance as she had been involuntarily admitted to a psychiatric facility.

But even with this knowledge out there, people have insisted upon characterizing this story as something other than what the facts show.

So the mainstream media in Canada declared whites racist Islamophobes  because an immigrant Muslim woman with mental problems ripped the hijab off the head of another Muslim woman!


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