Sunday, March 18, 2018

Founding of #Rome April 21st 753 BC

Founding of #Rome April 21st 753 BC

NYC, eleven twenty two, eclipse of the Sun,
Saint Patrick, Prophesy, Space Exploration,
Narcissus, Royal Jewish Blood, Apocryphal Books, purple revolution,

Authority, Hidden Hand, great architect of the universe, Hanukkah, Commerce, Zoroaster,
Armenian, Khazaria, Hidden code, third temple, Peace Officers Memorial Day

Rome" = 51 (English Ordinal)

michael, moon, rose, jews, United Kingdom,
United Nations, pluto, wine, city, schiff, hiding, Trump Towers, fake shooting, angelic, sons of liberty, antifa, Blood Sacrifice, Federal, Mars, Mary, eighty four,
new testament, Catholic Church, Demon, Aleister Crowley, Stock market crash, Tetragrammaton, destruction, Times Square,
national anthem, Bernie Sanders, false prophet, banker, elite, terror attack, nelson mandela, martin luther, Entertainment, Nuke, Alice in Wonderland


  1. Hi Joan:
    US Representative "Dorothy Louise McIntosh Slaughter" aka "Louise Slaughter" died yesterday at the age of "88" years old. She was the oldest US Representative for New York from 1987 to 2018. She suffered a concussion as a result of a FALL in her home. She was originally from "Kentucky" and her father was a "Coal Miner". She was also a "Microbiologist" and was admitted to "George Washington University Hospital" on 3/14/2018 (Pi Day) and she died two days later on 3/16/18. There are several parallel's connected to her death: President Donald Trump, The NCAA Tournament-University of Kentucky was her Alma Mater, Loretta Lynn from Kentucky(A Coal Miner's Daughter) she is "85" years old and Stephen Hawking's death on 3/14.

    "Dorothy Louise McIntosh Slaughter"-Full Red.=146(146/614,6/14)Trump's Birthday
    "University Of Kentucky"-Septenary=85(Loretta Lynn's Age)
    "University Of Kentucky"-ALW Kabbalah=319
    "A Coal Miner's Daughter"-Reverse Ordinal=319
    The University Of Kentucky won yesterday(3/16, 316/319) against University Of Buffalo(Buffalo Bull's) a team in "New York State".
    "Buffalo Bulls Men's Basketball"=88(Jewish Reduced)Her Age
    "Buffalo Bulls Men's Basketball"=76(Full Red.) Hawking's Age
    "Microbiologist"=76(Full Red.)
    "Donald John Trump"=76(Rev.Full Red)

    1. I want to add:
      "US House Of Representatives"=314(Jewish Ordinal)
      "Dorothy L McIntosh Slaughter"=329(English Ordinal)
      (329 or 3/29-is the 88th day if the year).