Sunday, March 18, 2018

March eighteenth 2018 Russian Election

march eighteenth" = 144 (English Ordinal)

March 18 is the 77th day of the year. There are 288 days remaining until the end of the year.

Christ, United States, Secret Society, World Trade Center, September eleventh, power, Zionist, Judaism, Emmanuel Macron, Annuit Coeptis, Cube, Rosicrucian, Victory, Theater, court, cash, Book of Revelation,
Hexagram, police officer, lgbtq, April fifteenth, USSR, Police Department, hidden knowledge, Press, Ten Downing Street, eighty eighth, Johann Adam Weishaupt, Fascist,
Moscow Russia, Rod Rosenstein, one hundred eleven, agenda twenty thirty, Masonic, United States of America, The Synagogue of Satan, Federal, Secrecy, Mars, Goyim, Stephen Hawking, Demon, President Donald Trump, Horus, Egypt, Apocalypse, John Fitzgerald Kennedy, civil rights, Mossad, Pussy, Enki, Russian, Banker, Compass and square, troll, shoot, John D Rockefeller, March seventeenth, Ancient, american meridian, Flight seventy seven, the Knights Templar

On March 18th 2014 The parliaments of Russia and Crimea sign an accession treaty.

March 18th=318
three hundred sixty five days, Seventy seventh meridian, Cleveland Cavaliers,
Kabbalah, one hundred seventeen, Six hundred and sixty six, President Donald John Trump,
Hawking, Britain, Obelisk, Columbine High School


"Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin" = 313 (English Ordinal)

six hundred three score and six, forty days and forty nights, Brotherhood of the Rose Cross, Bill Clinton, cross, Saturn the keeper of time, One hundred eighty seven,
three hundred twenty two, Franklin Delano Roosevelt, fake moon landing, Justin Pierre James Trudeau, Scottish Rite of Freemasonry,
Elizabeth Christ Trump

"Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin" = 1223 (Satanic)200th prime number
"Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin" = 389 (Reverse Ordinal)77th prime number
"Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin" = 373 (KFW Kabbalah)74th prime number
"Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin" = 271 (LCH Kabbalah) 58th prime number

"Vladimir" = 43 (Full Reduction)
"Vladimir" = 88 (English Ordinal)
"Vladimir" = 88 (Jewish Ordinal)
"Vladimir" = 853 (Jewish)147th prime
"Vladimir" = 528 (E Sumerian)32th trianguler

Vladimir, Moscow, four two, intel, Masque,
Saturn, Trump, Jewish, California, Propaganda, London, George Washington, Tisha Bav, beast, purple, occult, elizabeth, Judaism, gospel, inforwars, poison, agent, three hundred sixty, square, prodigy, white supremacist, Conspiracy Theory, Mein kampf,
Policeman, Education, Russian, Knights,
Electromagnetic Pulse, feminism,

"Putin" = 80 (English Ordinal)

Holocaust, dynasty, son of perdition, The Lord, The Force, throne, majestic, fraternitas saturni, Kingpin, Divine Jewish Bloodline, Satan, america, Sun, thirty two,
synagogue of satan, Bavarian Illuminati,
hillary clinton, Pyramid, one hundred thirteen, Baphomet, secret, one hundred forty four, school shooting

Election date in roman numerals

"III.XVIII.MMXVIII" = 313 (ALW Kabbalah)
..... 65th prime number
"Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin" = 313 (English Ordinal)
Putin is 65 years old
"III.XVIII.MMXVIII" = 109 (Full Reduction)
29th prime 29=freemsonry
"III.XVIII.MMXVIII" = 2141 (Jewish)323nd prime number

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