Wednesday, March 28, 2018


47 (Full Reduction)
President, Authority, Christian, Star of David, Foundation, division, seven eleven,
Ash Wednesday, Framework, full circle, meditation, Orthodox, Preacher, New Jerusalem, Wonderland, Gnosticism, Hand of God, sacrifices, Dead Sea scrolls, border wall, solar deity, graveyeard, two witnesses, sapphire, Times Square, imperial, tradition, chemical attack, rebellion. Shriners, foreign, Club of Rome, royal arch, Bnai brith, Mazzaroth, The Deep State, Ritual Death, Congressman, habeas corpus,
occult ritual, Protesters, Royal Blood,

47 (English Ordinal)
Time, Judge, beast, agent, gavel, France, Goy, Obey, bull, Caesar, force, Roma, Haiti,
banks, ISS, kneel, save, zika, shoe, blond, nomad

47 (Reverse Full Reduction)
government, White House, Suicide, Vatican, Francis, arsenal, trinity, twitter, democrat, homosexual, racist, Scotland, evolution, Mein kampf, policeman, fake death, passover, rabbit, ramadan, Feminism,
Bin Laden, one one seven, uncle sam, Fascism, Blue blood, Spectrum, white power,
akhenaten, official, Marines, snowflake, fight club, ponzi scheme, higgs boson, chosen people, Mithras, Proverbs, community, black ops, reporter, chromosome, exorcism, Agreement, Royal Navy, Tea Party, Doctrine,
See No Evil

47 (Reverse English Ordinal)
Trump, DC, News, NSA, cop, guns, sport, wars, kin

47 (Jewish reduction) 
revelation, sixty six, Nashville, Dow Jones, predators, plane crash, John Lennon, spiritual, Saudi Arabia, Darth Vader, vaccination, reverse, Auschwitz, Steve Bannon, Newsweek, sexual assault, crisis, infinite, police state, universal, Aphrodite, Nostradamus, Leviticus, prostitute, blessing, journalist, fraternity, engineer, confederate, Vatican Hill, Grand Lodge, Long Island, research, nerve agent, poisoned, Hiram Abif, world trade, manipulation, Aldous Huxley, right eye, opioids, anti semite, disciple, Babylonian Talmud, divinity, Charlemagne, revolver, demolition, forgive, master mind, double helix, propoganda, Zoroaster, bloodlines, alcoholism, forbidden, Hypnotize, Oligarchy, Crypto jew, refugees, Ted Kaczynski, petrodollar, Operative, Billy Graham, globalists

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