Saturday, March 3, 2018

Italian election 3/3/2018

ITALY could show their anger towards European Union’s migration policy in the upcoming election with a surge in votes for anti-establishment parties Five-Star Movement and Lega. 

More than a third of the participants asks for a reduction of the number of migrants reaching Italian borders and calls for their repatriation. 

The parties which better voiced this discontent with pledges in their manifestos and promises during the heated campaign, the Five-Star Movement and right-wing party Lega, are currently leading the preference polls. 

Matteo Salvini, leader of Lega told Italian daily newspaper Repubblica “Europe has been mocking Italy for years”.  

Italian election 68/149/116
Elezioni italiane 85/166/137

Italy 22/67/33
Italia 25/52/74

migrants 38/101/606/42/96/33/23/111
migranti 46/91/42/21/113/84

Lega Nord 40/76/36/225
North League 54/126/48/120/47/511/1010
Northern League 73/163/
Carroccio 49/85/111/319/400

Lega Nord per l'Indipendenza della Padania 175/311/328/1968/414
"North League for the Independence of Padania 192/330/722/144/1074
Salvini Premier 80/170/222/166/85/47

Lega founded on 1+8+19+91=119

Padania 28/46/276/44/116/21/66

Salvini born 3/9/1973

Matteo Salvini 52/101/160/960/156/48
Matteo 74/88/444/23
Salvini 32/86/41/717

Assumed office (North League) 12/15/2013

Assumed office EU parliament 7/20/2004

Other affiliations
Us with Salvini 60/186/1116/990/187/641/127
Noi con Salvini 66/156/611/156/137

In his youth Salvini became a member of the left-wing social centre Leoncavallo, which strongly influenced his political orientation before becoming the main representative of the right-wing faction of Lega Nord, the Padanian party.

Federal Secretary of Lega Nord 127/262/440/520/99/300
Segretario federale della Lega Nord 148/283/144/

Five Star Movement 72/117/144/207/225/411/223
Movimento a cinque stelle 98/269/88
Movimento 5 Stelle 64/199/66/56/235/219

Luigi Di Maio 64/109/188/187/215/60/105/43/32/96/316
Luigi 31/58/115/29/56/25/14/233
Di Maio 33/51/111/666/31/18

Born 7/6/1986 age 31

M5S 32 (Five star movement)
Gigi 32 (Maio nickname)

Assumed office
23 September 2017 


Silvio Berlusconi 78/204/228/90/62/58
Berlusconi 46/118/235/112/138
Silvio 32/86/516/41

Born 9+29+19+36=93

Fiftieth Prime Minister of Italy 159/339/323/106
Fiftieth 47/83/133/58
Prime Minister of Italy 112/256/1133/4004

His party...

Forza Italia 55/118/234/1074/48/111/777/36/120/144/1044
Forza Italia = 6+50+80+500+1 + 9+100+1+20+9+1 = 777 (Jewish)
Forward Italy 62/152/58/148/44/119
Let's Go Italy 46/145/223/1300

Founded 18 January 1994 

Candidate 4 Forza Italis

Antonio Tajani 53/143/43
Tajani 19/14/55/330/13
Antonio 34/88/333/114

Antonio Tajani is the current President of the European Council 

Fifteenth President of the European Parliament 209/461/440/174

Born 8/4/1953

Former Trump advisor Steve Bannon hits Rome as far-right candidate runs for prime minister of Italy
Steve Bannon, a former senior advisor to President Donald Trump, is in Rome just days before the Italian elections.
A leading candidate for the premiership in those elections is Matteo Salvini, whose far-right Lega Nord party espouses anti-immigrant policies.
Lega Nord's slogan is "Italians First," an echo of Trump's "America First."

Why the Italian elections are no test for the European Union
Cas Mudde

The EU sees what it wants to see in Italy, ignoring corruption and embracing Berlusconi as the man to save it from populism

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